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Hi and thanks for visiting my page. Please click a word to find out more about my professional activities.

As a Doctor of Linguistics, with a long career in language teaching and testing, research is an important part of my professional activity. Finding evidence for our intuitions and discovering unknown facts, tricks and ways forward is an exciting and rewarding process.


I am always engaged in some kind of research. In the last few years, that has included research into elicitation techniques and tricks to get students talking and keep them talking and research into pragmatic competence in the language testing context. More details are on the Research page. My latest project, with Dr Luke Harding of Lancaster University, sponsored by Trinity College London, investigates the marks given by international examiners in three countries, assessing the speaking skills of students from their own and other countries.


If you're interested in working together on a research project or you're interested in hearing more about previous research, please contact me.

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